Witherell House

Cursed With Death

The Witherell House is named for Archibald and Adelaide Witherell, who bought the dilapidated property during the Great Depression and may have lived there until sometime in the early 1980s. Abandoned and crumbling after the Witherells’ passing, the house began to earn a sinister reputation. Strange sounds emanated from within its walls, monstrous shadows were seen in the windows. Parents warned their children to stay away from the house because it was “cursed with death.” Rumors that a mentally ill child brutally murdered her parents inside the house drew countless trespassers over the years who broke things, started fires, and attempted to conjure spirits with Ouija boards. The current owners, descendants of a forensic pathologist who served on the Jeffrey Dahmer case, maintain motion detectors and fire alarms to keep bored teenagers from destroying what remains.

There is no evidence to support the story that a murder happened in the house, but Colonel Elihu Phillips, who built it in 1853, seems to have been cursed from birth.

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