Wisconsin Travel Guide

Wisconsin Travel Guide to the Dark Side

It seems impossible to finish a personal project these days, which makes today a unique achievement: The release of the Wisconsin Travel Guide to the Dark Side that I’ve been working on for Wisconsin Frights off and on since late last year.

Inside this free guide is 50-plus pages of the weird Wisconsin legends, haunted places, quirky destinations, and dark history that I’ve been researching, writing about, and photographing most of my life.

This first edition includes a sampling of Wisconsin’s most bizarre offerings, such as:

  • The dark side of Wisconsin Dells
  • An abandoned house said to be “cursed with death”
  • A stroll through Ed Gein country
  • The strange case of the Mayville crop circles
  • Wisconsin UFO hotspots

Download the guide now >

Wisconsin Travel Guide

On the cover: The severed head of German serial killer Peter Kurten that I photographed in Wisconsin Dells during this trip when I shot this video.

Fun Fact

Another photo I snapped of Peter Kurten’s head from that same day is being featured in the upcoming book Murderabilia by Harold Schechter, the true crime author whose book about Ed Gein I read a long time ago as a teenager in the 90s. You can see it in the preview images on Amazon:

The head of Peter Kurten featured in a new book by Harold Schechter

Anyway, download the Wisconsin travel guide.