St. Nazianz and JFK Prep: Wisconsin Haunted History

The story of St. Nazianz first caught my attention when I heard about an explorer who visited the now abandoned JFK Prep building and was so traumatized by his experiences there that he refused to talk about it.

According to historical records, German priest Ambrose Oschwald was suspended from his duties at his congregation in the Black Forest for “mystical, prophetic, and heretical works.” Oschwald and his followers fled persecution to America where they founded the small town of St. Nazianz in Wisconsin.

On the night of February 26th, 1873, as Oschwald lay dying, mysterious pounding noises were reported in residences throughout the town.

After Oschwald’s death, which legend claims left St. Nazianz cursed, his body was observed on three separate occasions to have not decayed, nor have the odor of corruption…even after 53 years.

Decades later the Salvatorian Seminary, now known as JFK Prep, became notorious for rumors of the restless spirits of students tortured by abusive nuns.

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