Sonic Seedpod intro sequence

Sonic Seedpod Summer Intro Sequence

I’ve been busy behind the scenes on Voyd Studios projects lately. One of those was creating a new intro sequence for summer episodes of Sonic Seedpod, as the original intro was filmed during winter and just wouldn’t feel right for a summer concert series.

The Concept

Sonic Seedpod is a new monthly series produced by Voyd Studios on our Youtube channel featuring live performances by local musicians. We began filming Sonic Seedpod in our studio space in the basement of the West Bend Music Academy a few months ago, but the academy’s summer rock band program for kids needed the space. So we let the kids have their rock and partnered with 6th Ave Bar and Grill down the street to host live public filming events for the Sonic Seedpod Summer Concert Series.

The original intro conceived by Sonic Seedpod host Steve Madsen depicted him breaking into the building and making his way into the basement where the gear was setup and ready for the show. We shot that on a snowy winter day and used it for the first two episodes.

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It was important to include our partnership with 6th Ave Bar into the summer intro. We decided to play off the concept of the original, starting the sequence in the same spot. Except Steve isn’t there sneaking down the alley to break in. Rather, he’s down the street at the bar grabbing a cold beer on a hot summer day.


We filmed the indoor shots at the bar on the same rainy day we shot the Ten 19 episode. A few days later when the sun returned, my son and I wandered around downtown to capture the rest of the footage we needed.

The post-production process involved tracking and compositing animated squiggly lines into 3D space to add some interest to certain scenes, inserting the Voyd logo behind a moving hand, color grading, and film degradation.

Sonic Seedpod summer intro sequence filmed in downtown West Bend Beat Goes On record shop in downtown West Bend Sonic Seedpod summer intro sequence filmed in downtown West Bend Sonic Seedpod summer intro sequence filmed in downtown West Bend 6th Ave Bar and Grill in Downtown West Bend Sonic Seedpod summer intro sequence filmed at 6th Ave Bar and Grill in West Bend

Sonic Seedpod logoThe Sonic Seedpod intro music was written and recorded by Steve Madsen. The Sonic Seedpod logo was designed by Wren.

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