Local Backstage Wisconsin music show

Local Backstage Trailer

Over the last several months I’ve been working with some longtime friends and collaborators to produce a music show/podcast/channel. We’re all lifelong musicians who have been actively participating in and/or supporting the local music scene for decades.

Last weekend we fired up the cameras and shot a proof-of-concept trailer in the studio we’ve been building.

The show’s hosts are Jay Tamez of WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry), Steve Madsen of The Resonant Complex (and my partner in crime for Backster Effect) and DJ Broh of Milwaukee Entertainment News.

I’m producing from behind the camera (because this is what happens when I force myself to be in front of it) with my son managing technical aspects of the production.

Watch the trailer:

We’re still working out some technical issues, but we have a lot of great ideas once we move into active production that will feature local artists in an interesting and meaningful way, along with other content that will reach beyond the local to musicians and music fans in general.

I’m already planning a Wisconsin Frights-sponsored Halloween episode if all works out, so stay tuned!

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