The Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness art exhibition at Windigo Fest

I’m honored to announce I’ll be showing some of my work for the first time at Windigo Fest this October alongside an incredible assemblage of local and international dark artists curated by Matt Lombard, an extremely talented and accomplished Wisconsin artist in his own right.

Windigo Fest is a Halloween festival held annually in downtown Manitowoc  – the Wisconsin city notorious for its connection to the Making A Murderer case of Steven Avery. The unique festival includes 3 days of music, sideshow acts, a costume contest, Halloween parade, a celebrity guest (last year was Butch Patrick, this year is Miko Hughes, who portrayed Gage in the original Pet Sematary) and a killer dark art show.

Windigo Fest is billed as “a festival of folklore, freaks, and all things Halloween,” so I’ve decided to show several photos from my “Haunted” series. These works showcase places that have been cursed by the ghosts of their traumatic past and the legends that have since consumed them. The focus is not so much the composition of the photo as it is the story, so each piece will include a brief history of the legend surrounding it and the bizarre real history from which it grew.

The Heart of Darkness Art Exhibition runs throughout Windigo Fest, October 4-6, 2019.

Windigo Fest dark art show