Having grown up in the backwoods of Wisconsin, I was raised on Midwestern tales of Native American lore, haunted farmhouses, dilapidated pioneer cemeteries, murderous cannibals, grave robbing ghouls, and back roads crawling with monsters. My hometown is uniquely positioned amidst several prominent goatman legends, burial mounds, and a plethora of restless spirits. Not to mention it’s mere miles from a small town that claims to be the “UFO capitol of the world.”

Though I am a skeptic of the paranormal, I am endlessly fascinated by the folklore and local legends that cast long shadows over certain places. History, both real and imagined, has a way of cursing places with a stigma that no amount of time can fade.

HAUNTED is an ongoing series of photography and research documenting places forever entwined with the ghosts of their past.

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