Analog Afterlife - Blissed


I’ve been slowly working on bits and pieces of music over the last few years. Experimental stuff. Trying new things. Trying to not sound like anything I’ve done in the past. Trying to create a dark hole to stuff full of the vast emptiness I’ve been experiencing.

Some of those pieces ended up in a handful of songs I worked on last year with my longtime friend and collaborator Steve Madsen. That project is called Backster Effect. and effectively started to become an extension of the last project we worked on together in 2004-2006 called Fall Out Fracture.

Earlier this year, however, we decided to shelve Backster Effect for a while, as lives got complicated and things started ramping up with his band American Progress. We also moved rather abruptly into production with Voyd Studios, which has continued to consume much of our time.

Since the music I had been working on evolved into and was absorbed by Backster Effect, I was starting from nothing again. And, despite the doom and gloom over the music industry and the general indifference to music these days, I decided to dig back in and start working on a new personal project.

Analog Afterlife

Blissed by Analog Afterlife

The result is still a work in progress, but as soon as the name Analog Afterlife glitched into my brain one dark, late late night, the concept began to take shape.

I threw this short clip together to give a very brief glimpse into where my head is at for this project.

It’s a small, dissected bit of one song called “Blissed,” which so far is the first one that feels to me like it’s in the right vein.

More to come.

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