Wisconsin Frights Haunted House & Halloween Guide

Wisconsin Frights Haunted House & Halloween Guide

Ever since I was just a whee spawn of Satan, I dreamed of designing and operating a haunted house. But like all good dreams, that has died a brutal, violent death at the hands of reality. I mean, you can’t even purposefully injure anyone – how much fun could it really be?

So instead, I decided to go out back behind the Mental Shed to the unmarked graves of dead ideas and dig up the rotting corpse of something I might be able to work with. That corpse is the brand new Wisconsin Frights, a guide to Halloween events and haunted houses in Wisconsin.

Best Haunted Houses in Wisconsin

There are many talented and passionate people making Halloween here in Wisconsin. The goal of Wisconsin Frights is to showcase and promote these people and their creations, as well as provide an unbiased platform for visitors to easily rate and review their experiences at haunted houses across the state.

The site will be a constant work in progress since I threw it together in a few weeks and launched it in beta just to make sure it would be live this season. In the meantime, here are some points of interest:

Guide to the best haunted houses in Wisconsin
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