Mental Shed Studios

Mental Shed Studios

Mental Shed is a Wisconsin-based graphic design and internet marketing studio, specializing in creative, conceptual design, key art, and digital strategy for horror and other entertainment.

This backwoods internet outhouse of the devil was founded by Charlie Hintz in 2002 as a method to spread his particular brand of madness. Through targeted content marketing, organic SEO methods and a steady flow of ad revenue, the site grew into a full-time job. This eventually spurred Charlie to begin using the knowledge and experience gained from its operation for good rather than evil.

No, wait…it’s still evil. But the good kind of evil that everyone likes. With gratuitous nudity and bloodshed.

Today, the Mental Shed is a boutique horror design and marketing monster with its claws and tentacles deeply embedded in the guts of search engine optimization, internet marketing and social media trends. Check out some vile Mental Shed spawn with highly successful SEO, content marketing and social media strategies: Cult of Weird and Wisconsin Sickness



Charlie Hintz

Horror design by Charlie HintzCharlie is an artist, writer and musician. He specializes in graphic design, copywriting, content creation, best practice SEO, internet marketing and social media strategies, with instincts honed through years in the trenches of independent entertainment.

In addition to his design and marketing services, he has created and maintained several influential brands and websites that continually engage target audiences and reach top search rank with original content and organic marketing strategies. He strives to create graphic abominations and original media that will break out of the noise and take on a life of their own.

In addition to being a closet speculative fiction writer, Charlie frequently crafts articles of a Fortean nature for Cult of Weird while using Wisconsin Sickness as an excuse to explore the dark corners of his home state with a camera and a keen eye for NO TRESPASSING signs.

He experiments in sound design, and is currently working on a music project with Slasher Betty called Mary Had a Little Limb.


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